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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Blast from the Past

So I was looking through a few pictures and I found some things from the past...
Figured this was a good time of year to be a bit reminiscent and look back on some of the greatand memorable events and performances that we have had on our stage at REHAB... 

So, every now and then, I will put a few pictures up and take it back a bit- 

Back in 07, Nas released his "Hip Hop is Dead" album- 
I guess its kind of crazy how the title has even impacted Hip Hop today.  I truly believe in about half of the interviews I did or saw since he dropped the album, the question was posed, "what do you think of the statement - 'hip hop is dead'?" 

We had the pleasure of having Nas on our stage and I must say...I don't think he has done a more intimate performance than that in years.  He answered fans questions, freestyled a bit, performed a few songs- some old, some new, and felt at home...the true essence of a REHAB Event. 

If you dont believe me, here's a quote I found off of SatchelofGravel.com
"One of the best performances I ever saw Nas do was the instore at REHAB Projects in LA.  He just asked people what soinds they wanted to hear and then had a Q&A session with the audience.  It was like a request line, but with Nas."