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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A few pictures from Fall II Graduation

HAPA and Rob Shot teaching the Free Class

DJ Mark Luv (Zulu King, Scratch LA Instructor) giving a few words of encouragement

DJ Kenso (DJ 152) rockin the set outside and setting the mood before graduation with the rest of the 152 gang- Moreno, L-Dog, Edweird

DJ Ver5e aka the Thrilla from Manila on the phone (supposedly with K-Dubbz...youll see why on the next post)

DJ 101 graduates DP and Madeline 

Prepping for their routine and debut as DJs

DJ Mar-C (101 graduate) in the background prepping for her routine as well

*All photos courtesy of DJ DP
**If you have photos or videos from graduation, please feel free to email them to rehablosangeles@gmail.com or post them on this blog!  Cheers! 


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