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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson the most famous to ever die?

Dill, DJ 4TiFy, DJ LA and DJ Cupcakez discuss a very debatable topic..."Is Michael Jackson the most famous person to ever die????"

"Yes, MJ is the most famous person to ever die!!!! Dill U know it girl don't hate on the greatness!!!!" DJ 4TiFy

"tokens,(aka 4tify)you're an idiot . . . and further more,i LOVE michael jackson! i love Jesus more because he DIED for me, but i just find it hard to believe that more people know of michael jacksons's death than that of CHRIST." <3 dill

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Noisettes at the Roxy

4tify and I checked out the Noisettes (a new group out of the UK) at the Roxy on Sunset- 

I must say, was pretty impressed with their stage show- 
Shout out to Noah and B Samson over at Def Jam...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Solution of all Solutions

Ready to laugh??

Thursday, June 11, 2009


What's good ladies???? It's me dill (self proclaimed RULER of R.E.H.A.B. projects)
As I'm sure you've noticed. . . . I RUN THIS.
....when Hapa's not here anyway.
SO,put on you're seatbelts you little putas.
Tune in on the weekly to see for yourself how I've single-handedly crafted the art of . . . "BAD A$$-JITSU"..which may/or may not be offered this Fall semester '09. (see carlos for details)
I VOW to deliver the most mildly-entertaining footage availible on a semi-weekly basis.
**COMING SOON**for your viewing pleasure:
1) the adventures of my retarded co-workers (Jimmy and Jimmie)
2)reasons why my boss (Hapa) never answers his phone.
3)DJ dynamix and DJ 4tify speaking to eachother in an Australian-accent...for no good reason.
4)B-coley straight ILLIN' on the freestyle tip
5)Nur (the financial homie) spitting corparate game with lightning speed.
6)dill's bus stop madness
. . . . just to name a few:)
you fools are about to see why they should'a NEVER put me in charge of blogging. <3 dill.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The quest for 4000 records...

So the call comes in... 
"NY needs 4000 records for Spin Art at Bonaroo" 
"The day after tomorrow..." 

So we realized we had records at REHAB...but we needed more..

Big shout out to our boy Wayne at the warehouse!! 

Yes, it was quite a task getting all the records back to REHAB...


All 17 boxes, packed, taped, ready to be shipped...sitting outside overnight with NO chance of rain......
yup...you guessed it...RAIN!! 

Scratch Video Game

So Guy, Melissa, and myself headed out to the release of Genius' "Scratch" the Video Game- 
It was my first look at the game and we ran into a bunch of the folks out there... 
Virman and I testing it out...
Gunnar Bus was retarded...top level deck with full sound...sickest tour bus on the street right now...
Uncle Nu (DJ Nu-Mark) killin the 57.... 
Rona, Bri, and Viv
Jae doing a shameless plug for Coke...


I know you want my honest opinion on the game...
First of all, its a game...its not going to replace the dj...and its not going to help you get better as a dj- 
Its a bit more MPC based than anything else and the wheel and and "fader" (which is more of a transform switch) are really under utilized...

I literally played the game for 3 minutes so this isnt my full review- 
I am sure in the higher levels, there are other features, but so far, the game is fun and I can see it introducing a lot of folks into the world of "djing".  
Although, it makes what we do here at Scratch DJ Academy so much more important now...to continue to teach the history, culture, and artform and what it means to be a dj- so that people dont think it started with a video game... 

Crazy Legs at Generation NXT

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hawaii's Hip Hop Festival!


So we were more than honored to be a part of history and be a part of Generation NXT's Hip Hop "Undivided" Festival out in Hawaii- 

They invited us out to teach DJ Workshops and it was so amazing to see the response... 

Czarina (the passion behind it all) let me know before we came out that Hawaii was hungry for something like this...and that the community was brewing...couldn't have been more true- 
There is so much undiscovered talent on the island and so much passion when it comes to the arts...

Several of us from the "mainland" made the trip out including Rhett, Drew, Roli Roh (NY), The Armory Crew (SD), Crazy Legs, Beat Freaks, Super Crew...

We have so many pics from this amazing experience- I need to get all the pics from Carlos and I will throw them up here-