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Friday, October 30, 2009

HP and Microsoft

Please don’t stop the music

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Last week was a blur of events, traveling, and much more. In addition to Fast Company’s 6th Annual Masters of Design event, HP and Microsoft came together to celebrate the launch of Windows 7. Lots of great people were there: Andru Edwards from GearLive, Judie Lipsett of GearDiary, Hector Russo of Geeksroom, John Obeto of Absolutely Windows, Maegan Ortiz from Vivirlatino, Helena Stone from Chip Chick and Xavier Lanier from Notebooks.com.

Xavier took some great photos at the party, which are posted below. You can also see these photos and read his thoughts about the event on his Web site here.

Of course, credit for keeping the partying going goes to DJ Hapa, who certainly attracted a lot of attention. A lot of partygoers were even more intrigued when they found out he was actually using the machine to mix and play music with an application called Tracktor Scratch Pro. With its design, the HP Envy 15 fit in very well and looked like it belonged there.

In case you were wondering, the headphones donned during the party were the new Beats by Dre headphones.

Check out the full set up below...

Pretty sweet – have you guys seen any awesome set-ups at the club or lounge lately? I’d like to hear all about it over in the forums.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DJs Everywhere

In a constant effort to post all things dj-related...

Saw this at a stand at The Grove- its an ipod speaker with moveable records that spin- too bad the tone-arms are in the wrong place...why cant anyone get that right?!? 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

HP x Beats by Dre x NI

So...according to Jimmy Iovine (chairman of Interscope), the way we listen to music now is a travesty...and I couldnt agree more- 

The song that you are listening to through your iTunes right now, or even in your car, and especially on your phone or your ipod is NOT the same as the song that was mastered in the studio- 

His analogy was watching a Blu Ray disk on a black and white portable TV- 

In comes one piece of the solution...

HP and Beats by Dre and Native Instruments have all teamed up to create the best SOUNDING laptop...

In addition to that, it is insanely beefed up (I cannot disclose the specs right now...but believe me its nuts) 

So for everyone out there that thinks the MacBook Pro is the pinnacle of notebook computers...get ready to be blown away...

I have had the opportunity to help work on this a little bit and I have to say...the computer is amazing...

Stay tuned for more!  Hapa 

Dre, Timbo, and Polow da Don at the private party/press conference

Fanny Paks?

So I went to Staples to go and pick some stuff up...

In walked this woman, wearing a fanny pak!   Then, I look at the guy in front of me- and he has one on too!!!  

Since when did Fanny Paks come back in?   If you ever catch me wearing a Fanny Pak, you have my permission to beat me over the head with whatever you might have


Thursday, October 1, 2009

100,000 people downtown LA

Scratch Pacman & Crew before the race...

Dr. Zero, DJ 4TiFy, Dill, DJ Hapa, DJ Ver5e, Kid Fish