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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mixx Mistress on DJ101

The DJ community is massive with thousands of DJ's from coast to coast. However, the number of DJ's who are truly skilled at their craft falls short to those who claim the status of DJ. The ramifi- cations of a WACK DJ is devastating, you all know it and we have all experienced it. You’re on the dance floor getting your party on and the DJ drops a song that is off beat or that clears the dance floor. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

I am Mixx Mistress, an up and coming DJ whose passion for the game is rooted in a love for the art of DJ’ing and the desire to preserve the authenticity of the Hip Hop DJ. I am four weeks deep in Scratch DJ Academies/DJ101 course and I must say, this class is OFF THE HOOK!

Big ups to the Late Great Jam Master Jay for passing on his legendary DJ skills. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

The skills I have learned in just four weeks traditionally take years for a DJ to acquire and that’s contingent upon the fledgling DJ’s ability to connect with a skilled DJ/Crew. As a Scratch DJ 101 student, I am emerged in a comprehensive curriculum that is creating an undeniable foundation for my DJ career. The class is a culmination of lectures, hands on activities, and authentic DJ techniques that are sure to put me at the top of my game. Bottom line, this class is mad fun! Time just seems to fly during our two hours course. I could easily go several more hours under the skilled and engaging instruction of DJ Hapa and Ver5e. They will definitely see me in DJ151 next quarter.

My questions to all “DJ’s”:
-Do you know how to match beats creatively yet efficiently?
-Do you know how to drop your next song with out disrupting the dance floor?
-Can you handle technical issues that may arise with your equipment?
-Do you even deserve the title DJ?

If you have answered no to one or more of these questions,
Stop Playing!
You might want to go on and register for that DJ101 course available at Scratch DJ Academy Los Angeles, New York, & Miami. Do us all one solid and skill-up on the true art and craft of the DJ; handed down by The Incomparable, The Legend, Jam Master Jay***

As of date, Mixx Mistress has been a DJ for approximately 4 weeks with no prior DJ experience. Never the less, the truth must be told.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dill and 4tify

4tify trying to get Dill's attention...

Typical day at REHAB...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 Elements Unite Like Voltron at the Ford

In an on-going effort to spread the word of Hip Hop and its 4 Elements...
Culture Shock Dance Troupe has asked Scratch to participate in this amazing event once again this year...

Prior to the "Jam Session" they invite out key artists and groups from the different elements to teach workshops and try and educate people, particularly the youth about this culture we all love so much-