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Thursday, June 11, 2009


What's good ladies???? It's me dill (self proclaimed RULER of R.E.H.A.B. projects)
As I'm sure you've noticed. . . . I RUN THIS.
....when Hapa's not here anyway.
SO,put on you're seatbelts you little putas.
Tune in on the weekly to see for yourself how I've single-handedly crafted the art of . . . "BAD A$$-JITSU"..which may/or may not be offered this Fall semester '09. (see carlos for details)
I VOW to deliver the most mildly-entertaining footage availible on a semi-weekly basis.
**COMING SOON**for your viewing pleasure:
1) the adventures of my retarded co-workers (Jimmy and Jimmie)
2)reasons why my boss (Hapa) never answers his phone.
3)DJ dynamix and DJ 4tify speaking to eachother in an Australian-accent...for no good reason.
4)B-coley straight ILLIN' on the freestyle tip
5)Nur (the financial homie) spitting corparate game with lightning speed.
6)dill's bus stop madness
. . . . just to name a few:)
you fools are about to see why they should'a NEVER put me in charge of blogging. <3 dill.