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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson the most famous to ever die?

Dill, DJ 4TiFy, DJ LA and DJ Cupcakez discuss a very debatable topic..."Is Michael Jackson the most famous person to ever die????"

"Yes, MJ is the most famous person to ever die!!!! Dill U know it girl don't hate on the greatness!!!!" DJ 4TiFy

"tokens,(aka 4tify)you're an idiot . . . and further more,i LOVE michael jackson! i love Jesus more because he DIED for me, but i just find it hard to believe that more people know of michael jacksons's death than that of CHRIST." <3 dill

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  1. i have a crazy idea...how about we get to work around here?!?! rip mj... hap

  2. hah...u guys are hilarious...i love 4tify's "dont hate, he's great"....

    Excluding religous figures who we never got to see.....I think Princess Diana and MJ are up there together with the most famous deaths.....People around the world mourned the death of both of these people...but i also think this is relevant to our generation....