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Friday, January 23, 2009

REHAB Re-Model

Welcome to the new and improved, re-modeled, REHAB...
Thank you to everyone who helped us during the remodel- 
Dil, 4tify, Court & Aaron, RobShot, Ver5e, Brian, Carlos

We still have a few more projects left before we're done...but I can assure you, you will be blown away by the changes! 

Brand new lighting for the Studio! 

Sometimes its the little things...

The new staff lounge and meeting area upstairs

Aaron, Court, and Dil working on the Coffee Table

I wish I had some clear before and after pics...I will have to dig some up so that we have the side-by-side comparison.  In all honesty, we haven't built this much since we opened up in 2004 when our original staff spent 8 months building REHAB.  After this re-model, I definitely have realized that it has been 5 years...and so has my body...not able to build the way we used to!  

If you haven't seen it, come and drop by and say hello-