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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some Pics from 152 Sunday

Here are some photos captured from 152 this Sunday. Assignment: Off-Genre.

Students played sets from reggae to country to 80s!

Good times!

Scetch and ET switching out...

Ver5e (professor) rockin out to "Bubble Gum Pop" (video coming soon)

Scetch switching from Serato to Traktor Scratch

Scratch Man

DJ Dos-A (NYC) getting into some dub-step- and yes, its important that I mention he's from NY (I dunno, ask him)

Dazzler "funkin" it up with some Zapp

Dazzler and Scetch checkin out the eq they were forced to work on


Sly 1

Bob Gnarley

King Tey


LL, thanks for the great BBQ!

BELOW is a little video treat of Ver5e and his Back Street Boys-

By the way, great job to all of our students and mixers today!

-pics and commentary courtesy of HAPA

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