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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Long Over Due Coachella Photos

So we were out at Coachella doing the "Scratch Lounge" for State Farm- 
We had a tent (with A/C- thank the Lord!) in the middle of the whole field... 

For those of you who came by and kicked it, learned how to scratch, made your own cd, watched Sleeper throw water on people, or participated in one of our workshops, you know that these pictures are a poor representation of the craziness of Coachella!  

For those of you who didnt get a chance...here's a taste- and we'll see you next year! 
Shout out to DJ Fashow, DJ Sleeper, DJ Nix P (PI), DJ VER5E, and all of our Scratch folks who stopped by throughout the festival...Kid Fish, Uncle Pauly, Dr. Zero, Jamestown to name a few...Also big shout out to our NY office folks (esp Big Willy) and our great friends in Palm Springs!

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